1. Recommend a qualified Notario Público (legally authorized attorney/notary public) to handle all of the buyer’s legal needs for the closing of the property
  2. Obtain a certificate of No Gravamen (no liens) from the municipal property registry office
  3. Obtain a certificate showing that all property taxes are paid in full to-date
  4. Verify that payment of all utilities and colonos fees (homeowner’s association dues) are fully up-to-date
  5. Verify that the seller’s employees (i.e. maids and gardeners) have been paid in full and have received their dismissal and severance package according to Mexican law
  6. Assist the Notario Público and the local government land appraisers in establishing a fair avalúo (fiscal evaluation) which is then used to assess property taxes, legal fees and land transfer taxes
  7. Assist the Notario Público in obtaining permissions from the Federal Mexican government for the new Escritura (Deed) establishing either a direct deed or a Fideicomiso (bank trust)
  8. Verify that the seller of the property has paid the impuestos sobre la renta (capital gains tax) as required by Mexican law, to enable the transfer of the property “free and clear” of the financial responsibilities of the seller


When you list with Absolut Fenix, you can rest easy knowing that you have the best team of professionals working hard to sell your home for the best available price within the shortest possible period of time. We pledge ABSOLUTELY:

  1. the most accurate market evaluations
  2. the best, most descriptive and creative advertising & marketing campaign for your home
  3. the best photography of your home
  4. the most comprehensive postings of your home on MLS, available to other agents as well as worldwide buyers searching online
  5. the finest, most attractive color information booklet to hand out to buyers and other agents
  6. the best-presented open houses at times most likely to attract the most potential purchasers
  7. the best pre-qualified buyers
  8. the best team of knowledgeable, professional agents - all working together to sell your home quickly, and at the best price possible
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The ABSOLUT leader in Real Estate!
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Absolut Fenix is a full-service real estate office located in San Antonio Tlayacapan on the Ajijic-Jocotepec Carretera on the north shore of Lake Chapala. It is one of the area’s top real estate offices of the Buen Clima Realty, S.C. corporation.

As a dual agency that represents both sellers and buyers equally, Absolut Fenix guarantees that our professionals display loyalty to both sides of the bargaining table. We are proud of our exemplary standard of professional conduct on behalf of every one of our clients, be they buyers or sellers.

Our Pledge to You

Because Absolut Fenix is “The ABSOLUT leader in Real Estate,” our goal is to broker a fair, equitable and worry-free transaction between the buyer and seller, one which closes on time and is legally sound. Toward that end, we adhere to the following Standards of Practice:


  1. We will not disclose that the buyer will pay a price or agree to terms other that those contained in the purchase offer, or that the seller will accept a price or terms other than those contained in the exclusive seller’s brokerage contract.
  2. We will not disclose the motivation of either the buyer or seller unless authorized to do so in writing.
  3. We will not represent the interest of either the buyer or seller to the advantage of one over the other, nor will we disclose personal or financial information of either the buyer or seller unless authorized to do so in writing.
  4. We will disclose to the buyer all known material defects about the physical condition of the property.
  5. We will disclose to both the seller and buyer all “comparable” property information.


After the property purchase and prior to the date of closing of your property, your Absolut Fenix agent will guarantee that all necessary legal steps are completed prior to closing. We will: